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June 7, 2022

Emmi Roth Donates $5,000 to Second Harvest’s Adopt-A-Dairy Cow Program

Donation Honoring June Dairy Month Helps Get Milk to Those in Need

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Roth Grand Cru Surchoix Cheese

March 4, 2022

Emmi Roth Captures Two Best of Class Awards at 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest

The Company’s Roth® Grand Cru Surchoix also places in the Top 20 Cheeses in the World

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December 1, 2021

Emmi Roth Expands Its Range of Specialty Cheeses With Addition of Athenos

Emmi Roth confirmed today that it has completed the transfer of the Athenos business, expanding its range of specialty cheeses in the U.S.

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Heather Engwall

Vice President of Marketing

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Abby Despins

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The New York Times

A Mild-Mannered, but Sophisticated Midwestern Cheese

This hefty 20-ounce cheese wheel is labeled Monroe, after the town in Wisconsin where the company that makes it is based. Within the cheese’s ruddy, slightly tacky rind is a...

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Food & Wine

The Very Best Cheese to Buy in Wisconsin, According to the Locals

Straight from the chefs and shopkeepers who know best, here are the varieties—hard, soft and stinky—worth hunting down the next time you're in town. If there was ever any doubt as to just how much Wisconsin dominates the American dairy market, consider this: the state's myriad cheesemakers produced a record-setting 3.37 billion pounds of...

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Culture: The Word on Cheese

Culture's Cheese of the Day

Roth wades into soft-ripened territory for the first time with this fudgy and luscious stunner. Named for the company’s hometown in Wisconsin, Monroe is hand-smeared with a culture-rich brine and turned daily during over a month of aging, rendering it...

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