Do Good. Be Kind. Eat. Cheese

It’s a motto we live by here at Emmi Roth. We have an entire network of teams dedicated to understanding and improving our impact on people, communities, and our planet. But the work spans further than that into our Giving & Caring Committee and teams across Wisconsin who make corporate responsibility everyone’s responsibility.

Our Focus Areas

Every day we turn local, fresh milk into award-winning cheese, and we have a responsibility to act as stewards along the way. Our cheese is made possible through sustainable growth and a stable, healthy planet. We aim to positively influence the cheese industry by balancing economic, social, and ecological aspects while stepping up our own sustainable practices within and beyond our operations. We do this by focusing our activities on areas where we can achieve the greatest impact.

Developing Employees

Our people are the foundation of our success. Each day, we rely on their expertise, dedication, and talent to move us forward and continue to make a difference. We are committed to providing a place where everyone feels welcome, valued, and inspired. That means we focus on offering growth & development opportunities for all our employees.

Supporting Communities

The Emmi Roth team is a passionate group. From our Giving & Caring committee and beyond, we’re proud to have a culture of giving in the communities where we work and live. We focus our efforts to align with our business goals, core values, and needs in the community. We provide support through financial and product donations and encourage employee involvement.

Reducing Emissions

We believe the key to long-term success is a responsible business model geared to sustainable growth. This enables us to generate added value for all our stakeholders including those in rural regions and helps us to create the best dairy moments for generations to come. To achieve this ambition and make sustainable dairy the norm, we will drive collective action and collaboration across the cheese ecosystem and become netZero by 2050.

Reducing Waste & Water

Waste is inevitable, but it’s what you do with it that counts. By 2027, we’re cutting 50% of the landfill waste we generate. We also promised to reduce our water use by 15% by 2027. We’ve greatly surpassed that goal and have decreased our water consumption per pound of cheese by 57% as of October 2022.