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Emmi Roth is an industry leader in providing the nation’s top specialty cheese. From making some of the most awarded cheeses in the U.S. to importing Switzerland’s most beloved cheeses, we work every day to create the world’s best. We have operations at five locations across Wisconsin and are proud to have top cheese brands in the U.S., including Athenos, Roth® Cheese, Emmi USA, and more.

Welcome to our new Headquarters

We have officially opened our doors at our new headquarters in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Our new flexible workspace was built with our team and growth in mind, including our new state-of-the-art conversion facility, which will cup, bag, wedge, shred, and crumble our cheese products for a variety of leading brands.

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Emmi Roth is the U.S. subsidiary of Switzerland-based Emmi Group, the largest milk processor in Switzerland that employs 5,400 individuals in 13 countries worldwide.