From the rolling hills of Wisconsin to the Swiss Alps, we produce the world’s finest cheese.

America’s Dairyland

America’s Dairyland

We source our milk within a 60-mile radius of our creameries in Wisconsin where generations of dairy farmers have been producing the best quality milk for more than 160 years. With 96 percent of Wisconsin’s dairy farms being family owned, there’s no wonder they treat their cows and partners like family, too. That fresh, rBST-free milk is brought to our creameries in Monroe and Platteville, Wisconsin.

Cheese from Wisconsin
The Land of Pastures

The Land of Pastures

Switzerland is a land of pastures, 70 percent of which is agricultural area with the world’s strictest animal welfare regulations. The average Swiss milk producer has just 22 cows that graze on 80 percent lush, green grass and all non-GMO feed. That fresh, local milk is sent to our creameries throughout the country to produce traditional, artisan cave-aged cheese, rich, warm fondues and exclusive cheeses from Switzerland.

Cheese from Switzerland

The best of both worlds

Switzerland and Wisconsin have been connected through cheesemaking for decades.

Fresh, local milk

We source our milk within 60 miles of our creameries.

Emmi Roth is the U.S. subsidiary of Switzerland-based Emmi Group, the largest milk processor in Switzerland that employs 5,400 individuals in 13 countries worldwide.