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November 20, 2017

Emmi Roth Takes Home International Accolades at 2017 World Cheese Awards

Monroe, WI – Emmi Roth received twelve awards for their Wisconsin-made and Swiss-imported cheeses this weekend at the 2017 World Cheese Awards in London, UK.

The company’s Roth® brand of cheeses received seven new awards, including Grand Cru® Original and Grand Cru® Reserve took home one silver and two bronze medals, collectively.

Grand Cru®, Emmi Roth’s flagship line of washed-rind Alpine-style cheeses includes Grand Cru Original, Grand Cru Reserve and Grand Cru Surchoix. Original is aged 4-6 months, Reserve 6-9 and Surchoix a minimum of 9 months to create a firm texture and complex flavors of caramel, fruit and mushroom. The most aged cheese in the line, Roth Grand Cru Surchoix, is the current World Champion from the 2016 World Cheese Championship held last March.

A Silver award also went to Roth’s Private Reserve, a raw cow’s milk, washed-rind alpine-style cheese handcrafted using copper vats and aged for more than 6 months on spruce boards in the Roth cellars for a complex flavor with notes of honey and butterscotch.

Roth Buttermilk Gorgonzola also received a Bronze award.

The company’s imported Der scharfe Maxx and Kaltbach™ Le Gruyère® AOP cheeses from Switzerland took gold medals in the competition.

Der scharfe Maxx, a new renegade washed-rind, semi-soft cheese from Switzerland, is made with raw cow’s milk and aged 5-6 months. Though mild at first taste, Der scharfe Maxx packs a bold, nutty bite that cheese fans desire. The addition of cream during the make process offers a rich silkiness that balances and mellows the savory notes that develop during its careful curing in the cellars.

Kaltbach™ Le Gruyère® AOP is made with raw cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of one year in the Kaltbach Cave, a 22 million year old natural sandstone wonder that ages cheese like no other place in the world. The mineral-rich air creates the perfect environment for transforming specially selected Le Gruyère wheels into wondrous depths of flavor. Each wheel is recognized instantly by the color of its rind – an unmistakable rustic brown patina. Kaltbach™ Emmentaler AOP, also aged in the Kaltbach Cave, received a Silver award.

Emmi and Roth® cheeses are available at most grocery retailers and specialty cheese shops across the country.

Now in its 30th year, the World Cheese Awards is the largest international cheese competition on the planet. Dedicated only to cheese, with no other dairy products able to enter, the awards have been bringing the global cheese community together for nearly three decades, in a celebration of tradition, innovation and excellence in cheese. Last year, around 3,000 cheeses made their way from six continents and were judged by over 260 of the finest palates and noses from every corner of the globe, including cheesemakers, technical experts, buyers, retailers and food writers.

A full list of this year’s winners is available online.

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