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increase in specialty cheese sales since 2019, with key items like feta leading the way


of consumers report that their grocer's specialty cheese case is important to them


say that a store’s cheese area makes them feel more positively about the store

The rising demand for specialty cheese reflects a trend fueled by viral recipes shared across social media, surging interest in cheeseboards, increasing premiumization of ingredients, and a shift to healthier snacking. Take advantage of the consumer cheese craze with a little SHELF CARE that will enhance your success. Given that a third of specialty cheese purchases are impulse decisions, it’s clear that displaying your case to its best advantage can have a strong impact on sales.

Here are a few tips and trends to get you started.


According to research, two-thirds of consumers think the cheese case has a major impact on their perception of store quality, and 87% of consumers bought at least one additional item to go with their premium cheese purchase. With so many shoppers influenced by premium cheeses, it’s essential that your case both captures and holds their attention. Create interest by using wheels of cheese for height, and dress the case with complementary items like olives, wine, and crackers.


Evidence suggests that variety, price, and form are most important to cheese shoppers. Arranging a case by variety, then price, then by the brand is a smart approach. Most consumers report that information on flavor profiles, suggested uses, pairing ideas, and more about the different cheese varieties is important to them. Signage and staff are both valuable ways to share these details.


A cheese case with multiple price points will suit all consumers. While some people are willing to spend more on premium items, others have become more sensitive to pricing. Carrying both domestic and imported cheeses is a great way to increase the variety and add multiple price tiers.


The versatility of cheese is one of its best features, and your store can emphasize that by showcasing a variety of formats and their suggested uses. Include wedges or blocks of multiple sizes, shreds, crumbles, and slices to address the need for dinner ingredients, cheese trays, convenient snacks, and more.

Emmi Roth knows shelf improvement starts from the inside out, so our recommendations are grounded in data-driven consumer behaviors and category trends. Let us help customize your case with the cheeses that are sure to catch shoppers’ attention. Our options run the gamut on variety, price, and form so you can deliver on consumer demand. We also provide marketing support to encourage customers to make your new and improved cheese case a destination.

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