Our Support To You During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are committed to standing by you now, and always. The situation is changing each day and our focus is on helping our employees, communities, and you, our valued customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are resources we hope will be helpful to you as you navigate this challenging time.

Reopening Tips for Restaurants

Datassential recently released a report to help you navigate reopening amid coronavirus concerns. Here are their findings.


of operators feeling very nervous that their operation will not be able to come back to business


of operators are worried, but fairly confident their operation can get through this in one piece


of operators feeling cautiously optimistic and expecting to emerge stronger than ever

Still on the Rollercoaster

Optimism for withstanding the pandemic a while longer began rising in December compared with a month earlier. The fact that COVID-19 vaccines from two different pharmaceutical brands began rolling out in the United States likely buoyed the situation. However, many operators are still worried due to spikes in COVID cases and hospitalizations, as well as more cities and states reinstating dining restrictions.

QSR No Longer Immune

Quick-service operators were an exception to the industry; they were increasingly nervous in December. Unit closures are rising within QSR, indicating that although the pandemic may have been slower to impact the segment, quick-service outlets are still getting hit.

Winter a Quagmire for Seating

As temperatures drop and COVID cases rise, seating availability is decreasing. As a result, fewer operators offer seating today than in November. On-site operators are much less likely to have takeout/delivery options and are more likely to be temporarily closed than are restaurants.