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October 4, 2022

Expanded Family Leave Benefit for Employees

The only thing more important to us than cheesemaking is supporting our people, so we understand how important it is for our team members to take time off to welcome new children into their families. That’s why we offer 6 weeks of paid parental leave policy for all employees, regardless of gender

For birthing parents, the additional 6 weeks of leave will go into effect following the Short-Term Disability period, allowing for 3 months of time at home with financial support from the company. 

Non-birthing parents receive 6 weeks of paid parental leave to use anytime in the first year following birth or adoption.

“We understand the importance for team members to take time off work to welcome and care for a new child,” said Denise Lofquist, VP of Human Resources. “We are a family-oriented company, and we believe parents should have appropriate time to bond with their new child and adjust to their new family situation with less financial pressure.”

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