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July 6, 2021

Emmi Roth Saves CO2 with new solar panels

Emmi Roth completed a solar panel installation at our Platteville plant. We implemented 1,602 JA 330-watt panels on the roof of our cheese production facility. The installation, managed by Eagle Point Solar out of Dubuque, Iowa, is reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating 14,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the environment during its lifetime, which is equal to saving 1.4 million gallons of gas, recycling 43,000 tons of waste or reducing coal usage by 13 million pounds. The solar panels supply 15 percent of the annual electric use of the cheese-making plant. As of now, we’ve more than doubled our goal of saving 300 tons of CO2 by 2020, and have saved more than 631 tons.

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