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August 31, 2023

Emmi Roth Now Hiring for New Stoughton Facility

Award-winning cheesemaker to increase distribution capabilities and create more than 100 new jobs.

STOUGHTON, Wis. [August 31, 2023] – Emmi Roth, a leading specialty cheese company with some of the top cheese brands in the U.S.– Athenos, Emmi USA and Roth Cheese– is adding more than 100 jobs for its new cheese conversion facility and corporate headquarters, located at 1800 Williams Drive in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

“We’re on a mission to craft great cheese and inspire moments of joy through food, all while taking care of our employees and communities along the way.” said Denise Lofquist, Emmi Roth’s Vice President of Human Resources. “We’re thrilled to add more than 100 team members to work in our brand new conversion facility and headquarters in Stoughton. We are now hiring for a variety of roles and shifts and looking for talented people who take pride in their work and are empowered to grow, lead and learn. We have a variety of great opportunities in multiple areas from maintenance and supervision to packaging and warehousing.”

The new facility, set to begin operations this fall, will add conversion capabilities so Emmi Roth can better serve its customers. Conversion is the process of taking cheeses from their original, larger form, and crumbling, shredding, or portioning them into their end form. Conversion allows Emmi Roth to provide different packaging options to customers and to consumers, which may be a cup, bag, chunk, wedge or other forms. The new facility also will increase distribution capacity for the award-winning cheesemaker.

The Stoughton location will add to existing Emmi Roth locations in Monroe, Platteville, and Seymour, Wisconsin.

Emmi Roth acquired the Athenos business, including the number 1 feta brand in America, in 2021, strengthening the company’s long-standing dedication to the specialty cheese industry. With the acquisition came the need for more conversion and distribution capabilities.

Open positions are posted on the Emmi Roth careers page.

About Emmi Roth

Emmi Roth is an industry leader in providing the nation’s top specialty cheeses. From making some of the most awarded cheeses in the U.S. to importing Switzerland’s most beloved cheeses, we work every day to create the world’s best. Emmi Roth has operations at five locations across Wisconsin and represents the top cheese brands in the U.S., including Athenos, Roth® Cheese, Emmi USA, and more. Visit to learn more, or find Emmi Roth on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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