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January 13, 2020

Emmi® Introduces New Kaltbach™ Cave-Aged Gouda, Unveils New Look for Kaltbach™ Cheeses

Kaltbach™ Cave-Aged Gouda Joins Kaltbach™ Le Gruyère AOP, Emmentaler® AOP & Le Crémeux

FITCHBURG, Wisconsin – Emmi, makers of award-winning specialty cheese from Switzerland, is excited to announce a new addition to its Kaltbach™ family of cheeses. Made with milk from dairy farmers in central Switzerland, Kaltbach Cave-Aged Gouda naturally ripens for three months before curing in the mineral-rich environment of the sandstone Kaltbach Caves.

Once inside the cave, the gouda is placed on a wooden board and hand-smeared with a saltwater wash. The natural moisture in the cave’s air then works to ripen the cheese while imparting flavors from the other Kaltbach cheeses aging beside it. The result is a unique cave-aged gouda with a pale yellow hue, a dark brown rustic rind, and a nutty caramel flavor with a hint of pear on the finish.

“Kaltbach Cave-Aged Gouda matures alongside hundreds of other wheels inside the Kaltbach Caves,” says Franz Kottmann, Emmi Master Cheesemaker and Project Leader for the Kaltbach Cave-Aged Gouda. “The natural environment of the cave and flora from the other cheeses gives it its distinctive rind and a flavor, unlike any other gouda cheese.”

Kaltbach Cave-Aged Gouda joins the company’s variety of cave-aged cheeses, including Kaltbach Emmentaler® AOP, Kaltbach Le Crémeux, and Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP. Coinciding with the debut of the new Kaltbach gouda, Emmi has also released new packaging for the entire Kaltbach line and created new 5-oz. exact weight portions of Kaltbach cheeses for retailers.

Quarter wheels of the new Kaltbach Cave-Aged Gouda will be available for foodservice professionals this Spring and whole wheels will be available for retailers this Fall. Retailers can also look for the entire collection of new 5-oz. exact weight Kaltbach cheeses this Fall.

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